I write this as I am drinking water.  I am only on glass 4 as of yet.  Four to go in order to meet The One Thing Challenge for the day.

Read more about The One Thing Challenge here.

Since I’ve been at my parent’s house as a hurricane refugee, Freddy Farter has been going nuts!  I wanted to donate a bit of starter to my Mom, so I felt a need to prove it’s worth.  I’ve had mixed reviews about the tang of our sourdough breads, but cinnamon rolls make everyone happy!  The recipe I used wasn’t complicated (always a plus)!!

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I found the recipe on theclevercarrot.com, a blog I love to follow and from which I get quite a few recipes.

Once your starter is established (see My Sourdough Baby), all you need to do is add flour, milk, butter, egg and salt to your starter and let it sit overnight to rise.

Rolling it out and sprinkling with cinnamon and sugar is fun, especially when your kids help!!

I did not add icing because I’m not a big fan of cream cheese icing; most people are.  The recipe for icing can be found on the cleavercarrot.com (link above).

These were great fresh out of the oven!

Happy sourdough baking, friends!  It really gives you a sense of acomplishment!  Send me messages of your trials and successes, please!

pub-4561044891259873, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0


  1. Thank you, Chef Mimi! I think he’s pretty cute too! It was so fun to watch him play with the dough and flour, claiming to need more dusting every 2 seconds. It was so funny when he helped roll it, trying to “Hulk Smash” the dough!

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