This is SOOOO delicious!! There’s a place called Finn’s on the beach that makes their own kombucha, almond butter toast, Acai bowls and this AMAZING avocado toast with chipotle flakes, bee pollen and gray or pink Himalayan salt.  I tried to make it at home with chipotle flakes I bought from Publix but, the flakes were too smoky.   I asked the owner about it and he told me they buy the chipotle flakes only from Whole Foods, having tried to buy them at Publix himself.   I also didn’t have bee pollen.  Where do you buy that??  I didn’t ask about the bee pollen but, I assume you could get something like that at a health food store.  Last time I ordered the avocado toast (which is every time I go there), I picked off a couple of bits of the pollen and they were slightly sweet.  I wonder if I could just drizzle a teeny-tiny bit of local honey over the top and get the same flavor…?  They use a whole grain toast which looks and tastes similar to Dave’s brand bread.  I like the Good Seeds variety.

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The kombucha is really delicious too.  I love the Hibiscus Grape flavor which they sometimes have on tap.  They also have a really tasty Cafe’ Mocha with black salt on top.  Mike ordered some kind of cold coffee milkshake last time that he loved.  I hate cold coffee drinks and we estimated the probability of it having around 650 calories or more but, I tasted it and it was pretty yummy!  I would rather drink extra calories in wine than a milkshake-coffee, myself or eat a cheese curd or something but, thats just me.

*something you may not know:  kombucha is a fermented drink made with yeast, sugar and black tea.  It has been around for 2,000 years but, has gained recent popularity in the states due to its potential for health benefits.  There are many claims but, not too many have been proven.  However, the drink does contain probiotics, similar to what you would find in yogurt and there is evidence that there are health benefits with the consumption of probiotics.  When I worked in a hospital, I ordered yogurt three times a day for patients on strong antibiotics or with a confirmed diagnosis of C-Diff.

If you want to make your own kombucha, be sure to research sterile methods of production, as an unsterile process can lead to the growth of dangerous bacteria in the final product that can make you sick.

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