Keeping four kiddos healthy and happy certainly has its challenges. Catering to four different menu desires at breakfast time is not my cup of tea. Smoothies are a great go-to meal that provides healthy calories, protein, calcium for strong teeth and bones, carbohydrates for energy and with all the fruit combination possibilities, loads of cancer-fighting antioxidants.

Having worked on a cancer unit for years, I try to provide a large variety of fruits and vegetables as often as possible and smoothies make getting a vegetable in at breakfast or snack time simple. Try adding 1 cup raw kale or spinach to a blueberry or mixed berry smoothie with 1/2 cup low-fat or fat-free organic vanilla yogurt and enough skim milk or alternative milk such as soy or almond to blend well. I try to buy organic fruits as often as I can to avoid any potential pesticide residues, so to save money I try to buy in season or purchase frozen organic fruit.

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Everyone can choose the single fruit or fruit combination which results in far less whining or complaining. I feel happy that I’ve provided a healthy breakfast that the kids actually like! Leftovers can be frozen into silicone popsicle molds for a delicious hot afternoon treat!

If you feel overwhelmed by all the nutrition advice, calorie recommendations and diet trends, read these: Fact. Not Fad.Let’s Crunch Numbers!Help Me To Help You!

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