Amish Country

  We love farmer’s markets and this one was especially inspiring.  We were told this area is an agricultural paradise because of the rain, long growing season and incredibly rich soil.  The Brussels sprouts were massive. The gorgeous red tomatoes next to them do not provide adequate size comparison, as they were also extra large!… Read More Amish Country


Royal Tea

I decided to take the kids to royal tea today which included finger sandwiches, scones and an entire tier of cakes and pastries.  As my English friend, Emma always says, “The British do like their sweets”!   As a dietitian, it’s almost instinctual to enforce a cap on confections.  I managed to bite my tongue… Read More Royal Tea

Summer Treats

Keeping four kiddos healthy and happy certainly has its challenges. Catering to four different menu desires at breakfast time is not my cup of tea. Smoothies are a great go-to meal that provides healthy calories, protein, calcium for strong teeth and bones, carbohydrates for energy and with all the fruit combination possibilities, loads of cancer-fighting… Read More Summer Treats


I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to cooking for family and friends.. Garlic!! There are very few recipes I make that don’t include a clove or two…or five! If I follow a recipe that calls for two cloves, I don’t hesitate to use four. These delightful little bulbs have insignificant calories,… Read More GARLIC!

Fact or Fad? Always Buy Hormone Free Chicken.

// (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I must apologize to my avid followers for my hiatus.  I was busy having a baby.  Beautiful, wonderful, baby boy.  If you don’t hold your breath awaiting a new post or bite your nails as you read my blog, anticipating a revolution of nutrition knowledge, what is WRONG WITH… Read More Fact or Fad? Always Buy Hormone Free Chicken.

Fact or Fad? Artificial Sweeteners Are BAD!

Since artificial sweeteners hit the market, we’ve all been able to satisfy our sweet tooth without all the calories! But, are these sweeteners really safe? Unlike many supplements you can buy on the internet or in general nutrition stores, all food additives are regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). After extensive research studies, some… Read More Fact or Fad? Artificial Sweeteners Are BAD!

The Gluten Epidemic

What is gluten anyway? Gluten is a mixture of two proteins, glutelin and gliadin found in wheat, oat, rye and barley.  Gluten is what makes pizza and bread dough stretchy.  Gluten has really gotten a bad rep over the past few years, frequently labeled as a “bad” food.  An estimated 1.6 million Americans eliminate gluten… Read More The Gluten Epidemic