It’s not rocket science.  It’s not fascinating.  It is likely something you’ve heard before, maybe even repeatedly!  

But, it is brilliant and it works!!


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Week 5 Challenge:

Fill half your plate with vegetables

For lunch, dinner and if you’re really enthusiastic, breakfast!

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“It doesn’t matter which vegetable.  It can be salad, squash or peas.  Just fill half your plate with them, please, please, please!”

“It may be canned green beans and sweet potatoes mashed, canned zucchini with potatoes, hashed.”

“Coleslaw at a cookout, carrots or sprouts.  Just fill half your plate with them, even a side dish of kraut!”

“Lentils or peppers can be a treat!  Just fill up your plate with a bucket of beets!!

If eggplant is scant, don’t slander the plant!  Eat asparagus instead!

Or chew any vegetable that’s yellow, orange or RED!

You can do it, you can!  I have faith in you!!

Eat them all,

Eat them all

until you are through!!!


Comment, super-challenge-takers!!!!! Pleeeeeeease!!!!!

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