If you’ve never had the Brussels sprouts tapa at La Crema, Rosemary Beach, you are seriously missing a taste bud bonanza! What do they put in the sprouts?!  I’ve been asking for ages now and no one has spilled the beans!! Luckily, these are a vegetable and a serving of vegetable is a mere 25 calories because the rest of the phenomenal goodness in these babies is not fat-free, my health-conscious friends!  If there’s one thing I learned from Food Science in college, it’s mouth feel and mouth feel is fat.  I don’t know if they deep fry these puppies in coconut oil or (cringe) lard, and maybe its best I not know.  Either way, I could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  If you think you hate Brussels sprouts, you haven’t had these.

I have been friends with this little Mama for nearly 20 years!  We’ve had so many good times together!

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My youngest monster came along for the luncheon on this sweltering day.  Although he was looking especially dapper for the get-together, he refused a photo, hiding behind the pillows in the booth.  Little stinker.

We shared a half order of the best seafood paella I’ve ever tasted in my life.  This picture doesn’t do it justice with the tender lobster, scallops, muscles and clams. The saffron rice and roasted red bell peppers along with the thin slices of spicy sausage provide a burst of flavor depth in every bite!

I’m telling you, this place has got it figured out.  I want to kiss the cook each time my lips touch a dish at this place!  If I could cook like this guy or gal, I’d be a big fat blob, as would the rest of my family.

Hats off to the chef!!!

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