Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets 2023

#1 of Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets 2023!  


Although I was really pleased with my previous mini food processor, it fell apart after overuse. Hubs suggested this Cuisinart cordless mini processor. This made the list of Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets for several reasons. For less than $100, it surpassed my expectations. Having no cord to deal with is extremely convenient! Very powerful, easy to clean, and compact enough to store in a fairly tight space. I can honestly recommend this as a top pick for kitchen-tool usefulness!  Use this food processor to make large batches of homemade basil pesto.  I freeze my pesto in these baby food containers so I have pesto all year long. I never find a need for a large food processor, so this gadget is perfect when space is limited.

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# 2 of Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets 2023

This Gourmet Wusthof bread knife is by far the best knife I have ever had! nutritionbitsandbobs

It’s not only amazing for slicing bread.  Perfectly slice tomatoes, score homemade dough, and precisely cut cakes and pastries every time!  The price point is higher than I’d wish to spend on one kitchen tool, but it’s worth every penny!  This Top 5 Kitchen Gadget is definitely going on my Christmas list because I want two!


#3 of Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets 2023

Talk about a time saver!  This Salad Shooter will save you so much time grating cheese, you will throw your box grater directly into your donation pile.

This Top 5 Kitchen Gadget grates a block of cheese in seconds!  I shred cabbage for coleslaw, onions for extra juicy and flavorful burgers and marinades, and carrots for carrot cake.  My sister taught me to use it for frozen butter for the BEST homemade biscuits, completely eliminating the need for cutting in the butter.  Total game changer!

*helpful note: choose block cheese over pre-grated cheese. This article explains why. 


#4 of Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets 2023

If you enjoy making homemade lemonade, margaritas, key lime pie, and adding a squeeze of lemon to chicken and pasta dishes, this is a Top 5 Kitchen Gadget to seriously consider.

I love the bright yellow color of this Citrus Juicer, but it comes in a variety of colors and is an inexpensive convenience you will not regret.  Once I realized what a difference using fresh lemon makes, I won’t even look at the bottled stuff. With the intense heat outside, you must make this to die for Lemony Summer Sorbet!


Last, but certainly not least…

#5 of Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets 2023

Forget lining your sheet pans with expensive foil and parchment paper.  I never put anything in the oven without these silicone mats.  Absolutely nothing sticks. I love that they are dishwasher safe too!  

I can’t imagine how I ever managed in the kitchen without each and every one of these Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets!

*I do not get paid by product companies to promote these products. These are products that I have used in my own kitchen and feel comfortable promoting. If you purchase these products through links on my site, I may receive a small affiliate profit.


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