Do we fight it or accept it?  40’s aren’t easy.  Your fat re-distributes and it’s very hard to accept that you will never again look like you did in your 20’s.  Maybe one day I will accept it, but for now I’m still fighting it.  A recent visit from my brother-in-law reminded me that keto works, albeit temporarily.  Can I suffer through it until I get back to the weight I desire and then go back to eating healthy, staying on top of a couple extra pounds?  My mind says, “Try anything.”  My education says no.  
Between January and the end of June, I jogged 500 miles.  Well, technically 497 miles.  I lost a whopping (tongue in cheek) 7 pounds.  My family went on 2 vacations this summer.  I did not severely restrict my intake, but certainly did not go crazy by any stretch of the imagination.  Exercise was not exactly consistent.  I swam a lot and according to my Apple Watch, burned over 600 calories several days during my travels (mostly walking and swimming).  Despite my efforts, I am right back where I started in January.  Ugh.  Should I continue to fight it or accept it?

Is it a natural shift of visceral fat?  Is it a decrease in exercise due to our devotion to our children who need us seemingly non-stop?  Or is it the fact that we as women put everyone in our lives before ourselves and our own needs, therefore neglecting exercise and nutrition? Or could it be that gaining weight is a natural part of childbirth and getting older?

When my husband asked if I was really going to try low carb again, I responded, “I hate it.  But, I hate being overweight more”.  

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As a caveat, and for all my RD cohorts who know that low carb is not healthy, I feel a bit sickly eating this way.  No legumes, no sweet potatoes, tons of fat, and so much meat!  I have a family history of heart disease.  Will I be failing my heart?  Should we really even be eating animals?  Do I just accept the fact that I’m in my 40’s and have had a child and just accept that my butt and belly are bigger? Should I continue to fight it or should I just accept it?

Here I am; fighting the inevitable.  

A picture of Pierce Brosnan with his wife when he met her and a current photo

Fight it or accept it?He has defended her publicly and spoken of how he loves her every curve.  What a wonderful man!

No one needs to eat processed foods, including white bread, cookies, crackers, and chips.  Fruit and vegetables should never be restricted.  

Maybe I will do this whole low-carb thing until I get to my desired weight and then go super healthy, eating only whole foods, fruits and veggies.

Is anyone else worried that this Barbie movie is going to send us into a backwards tailspin that we have been struggling to overcome?  I thought Barbie was the epitome of unrealistic body image.

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