Did you know that 49% of Americans diet?  70 billion dollars on dieting in 2018!

 It seems I may have taken the wrong path!  Weight loss counseling anyone?

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A 2007 study showed that 85% of dieters regain the weight they lost within five years and up to 2/3 of dieters regain more weight than they lost!

Due to perfect design, our bodies fight back during times of restriction, creating a greater disadvantage for the dieter.  God created the brain to protect the body and the body to protect life.  During periods of famine, this process is necessary for survival.  In 3rd world countries where food is often scarce, the body’s response to starvation remains crucial today. 

Regrettably, weight loss is most often accompanied by a loss of lean body mass (LBM), or muscle.  This is particularly discouraging, as the loss of LBM results in a decreased REE, or Resting Energy Expenditure.  In other words, you will burn fewer calories in a sedentary state than you would have before your dieting began.

I recently heard a great analogy that puts the body’s response to dieting into perspective:  “Meet the weight thermostat.  You open a window, the thermostat works harder to keep the temperature“.  This is what your body does when you restrict.  Appetite counteracts weight loss and escalates when you lose muscle mass.

The struggle is real.  But, take heart, my friends.  You are strong and you are capable.  No crazy diets, no insane restrictions.  Don’t skip meals and don’t eliminate foods.  Excess is not your friend and that goes both ways.  Both excess eating and excess weight loss efforts will only make weight loss .  Don’t fall into that 85% statistic; make lifestyle changes that you can stick with forever!

The most common causes of overweight and obesity are overeating and physical inactivity.  I know it’s hard but, let’s do this together.  Eat less, exercise more.

Send me feedback on your struggles or concerns.  Please let me know if you have success or failure!  I want to help you be comfortable and confidant!  

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  1. Great post! It’s definitely a struggle, but a life-style chane I am determined to win and make stick. Looking forward to your informative, motivating facts, suggestions, and even some recipes.

    1. Thank you so much for the awesome compliment! We have all gotten far to comfortable with the conveniences of the American lifestyle. Keep up the good work, Jan! Your will power is an inspiration!

  2. I agree Kelly. Something a friend said to me a few years ago resonated with me…she said that she had put on a kilo every year for 3 years and if she didn’t address that in 10 years she would be 10k heavier. I now have a goal to get under the weight I was when I remarried 7 years ago….I achieved that weight this week 😊. I will keep going!

    1. Well done, Kathryn!! That is incredible!!! You’ve won the hardest part of the battle! What’s your secret to success?

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