Summer Break at My House 

When the kids asked me to check them out of school on the last days before summer break, panic set in.  Where did the time go? Why are the last days of school not really last days and are they supposed to be optional?  I needed mental preparation for what was soon to befall the Maggiore household!  I read Mommy blogs, started grocery lists, and jotted down activities frantically, with shaking hands and tears diluting my sauvignon blanc.  I’ve done this before!  Why am I freaking out?!   I glanced around the house for a moment of silence, kissing goodbye to order and cleanliness.  I slapped my own cheek and said, “Pull yourself together little mamma!“).

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Deep breath…..

Mamas and Daddies, put your big girl panties on (or briefs)!  We will get through this together!!!…the food part at least.

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A Few Ideas

Try whole grain pasta, canned garbanzo beans and a small bottle of zesty Italian dressing.  Mix and serve cold or warm.  Make ahead, pack it, save it, eat it for lunch or with dinner as a side.  

Take leftover rotisserie chicken, sans skin.  Add mayo, a dab of Dijon, a pinch of sugar, splash of lemon juice, and 1/4 tsp garlic powder.  Toss it all into a food processor.  Process until combined.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Serve on bread, toast, or crackers.  Pat yourself on the back for avoiding processed meat!  Fruit on the side makes a perfect meal.  Feeling extra mumsy?  Throw in a few toasted nuts! 

Top open-faced bagels with low-sodium marinara, low-fat cheese, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, spinach, basil, and oregano.  Pop them in the toaster oven until the cheese is melted and yell at the top of your lungs, “SOUPS ON”!!  That’s what I do.  It takes my anxiety down a notch.  

Things To Keep On Hand

Keep low-sodium soups, low-fat yogurt, reduced-fat string cheese, single serve guacamole and hummus in stock.  Have pre-washed grab-and-go fruit, like blueberries, pre-chopped pineapple, organic apples, and kiwi slices.  Other healthy snacks are whole grain crackers, dried fruit, 100% fruit and yogurt popsicles, nut butters, whole grain waffles, and microwavable frozen edamame.  Pretzels are an excellent low-fat snack and popcorn is a whole grain!  

Finally, Smoothies!!  A perfectly healthy and fulfilling breakfast, lunch or dinner! Mix in yogurt, fat-free milk, and frozen organic fruit.  Oatmeal, chia seeds, and kale make superfood additions!  A ninja food chopper makes short order smoothies incredibly easy!


This should keep your head above the crap for awhile.  More importantly, I say to you, pull yourself together little mamma. We are strong and we are able!

Meanwhile, I need advise on getting dried slime off my couch cushion…


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