There isn’t just one food Dietitians say you should never throw out, although today, I will focus on just one.  

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You’ve seen them; ads that claim “Top Gut Doctor Begs Americans to Throw Out This Vegetable Immediately,” or ‘Dr. X has found the answer to all health problems’.  These are chum boxes and may show images of worms crawling inside a gut, a banana, or exotic piece of produce.  When you click these ads, you won’t find a reference to bananas, worms, or gut-destroying vegetables.  Yet, the opening surface content and photos create unjust aversions to “poisonous foods”.  Similarly, people share lists of “high sugar fruit,” passing them around on social media.  These lists imply that consumers should avoid certain fruits for weight loss.  Consequently, this fad builds even more insult to healthy fruits and vegetables.

Incidentally,  ALL FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ARE GOOD FOR YOU UNLESS THEY ARE HIGHLY PROCESSED, FRIED, OR CONTAIN ADDED SUGARS.   Added sugars are directly associated with obesity.  Natural sugars in fruits and vegetables are not.  This is a FACT.  

What is the one food dietitians say you should never throw out?  I’ll give you a hint….

One food dietitians say you should never throw out

That’s right.  Bananas.

What Makes Bananas Healthy?

One medium banana contains 450 milligrams of potassium (about 22% of the recommended intake for teens and adults), 0 fat and roughly 100 calories.  The potassium in a banana lowers blood pressure by relaxing the walls of blood vessels.  Its soluble fiber can help ease inflammation.  The resistant starch helps control blood sugar.

Probiotics in bananas help with diarrhea, UTIs, IBS, lactose intolerance, and allergy symptoms.  In addition, natural probiotics make cold and flu symptoms less severe



Banana before a workout


Potassium is necessary for muscles to build mass and for glycogen storage.  An adequate supply of potassium is essential when muscles are being formed.  In fact, to boost muscle mass development, eat a banana before your work-out! 

Cigarette air pollution

Bananas contain vitamins A, B6, and C.  Vitamin A protects your vision.  B6 is necessary for metabolism and brain development.  Vitamin C protects the body from free radicals formed when we are exposed to cigarette smoke, pollution, and when we eat unhealthy foods.×300.jpg” alt=”One food dietitians say you should never throw out” width=”189″ height=”284″>

A few spots on your banana peel make nutrients more readily available for absorption.  Spotty peels are scientifically linked to tumor necrosis factor.  Tumor necrosis factor eliminates abnormal cells in the body.

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    1. Actually Chef Mimi, the green bananas contain more starch. That starch is considered a resistant starch which means they are broken down to carbohydrate at a slower rate than ripe ones, so may be good for diabetics who have trouble controlling their blood sugar levels. That same starch is like food for healthy gut microbes, so either way you choose to eat your bananas, they will be beneficial!

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