“It’s never too late to eat right and exercise the smart way”. “You can be healthier and more fit in your 60s than you were in your 40s.”

“If you’re in your 50’s, don’t have false hopes that you’ll like you’re in your 20’s.  Do however, accept your changing body and focus on mindful eating, not dieting”.

  1. Make regular and consistent physical activity a priority.  The more you exercise,  the more food you can eat!  Can I get a hallelujah?!  Find an exercise you enjoy!  If you hate running, don’t run.  If you hate going to the gym, don’t.  Choose swimming, biking, hiking, briskly walking, paddle boarding, yoga, home videos, Wii Fit, Zoomba, dancing in your living room while playing Four Tops, Chuck Berry, Elvis or Jerry Lee Lewis…..you get the picture.

  2. Protect bones and prevent heart disease, cancer, and ward off infectious disease by drinking fortified skim milk, orange juice, and eating whole grain cereals.

  3. Including fish 2-3 times per week adds a boost of vitamin D, and heart-healthy omega-3’s.

  4. Eat 6 ounces of lean protein each day, including lean meats, eggs, low-fat yogurt, beans, nuts, low-fat cheese and tofu.

  5. DON’T neglect carbs!   As we age, maintaining a desirable weight becomes increasingly difficult.  It’s easy to fall into a trap of trendy diets.  Don’t be fooled by diets that restrict or eliminate specific food groups!  55% of your calories/day should come from carbohydrate.  Choose complex carbs like whole grain cereals and breads, brown rice, wheat pasta and starchy vegetables like legumes, sweet potatoes and winter squash.

  6. Hydrate!  This is crucial and invaluable to feeling your best, especially during and after exercise.  Think: glistening sweat = water, dripping sweat = low-calorie sports drink.  

  7. Fiber not only gives you regularity, but protects you from heart disease and colon cancer.  Fiber keeps you fuller longer, so you don’t keep heading back to the pantry to satisfy cravings.  Try to make at least half of your bread, cereal, rice, pasta and grains whole every day.
  8. Give yourself accountability.  Buddy up with a friend with similar goals.  Meet up together for morning or evening walks, a swim or join a class together.  When someone you care about depends on you to show up, you’re less likely to make excuses.  Plus, exercise with a friend is way more fun!

  9. Increase your fruit and vegetable intake!  Eat from the rainbow.
  10. Talk with your doctor before taking any supplements.  Be sure to provide your health care provider with a complete list of all vitamin, supplements and medications you are taking.

Food & Fitness After 50

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