I have decided to name my sourdough baby Freddy Farter the Bread Starter, a modified version of a name I found online.  Yes, that is correct; most of my brilliant ideas aren’t actually my own ideas.  I, myself, am not brilliant, therefore I need to borrow brilliance from people who are much wittier than I.  Who needs creativity?  We’ve got Pinterest!  But, that’s beside the point.

When one caters to a sour batch of emotionless organisms day and night, providing thankless provisions, documenting progress, and planning your days and vacations around a jar full of gaseous entities, you develop feelings for it (sounds an awful lot like your kids, doesn’t it)?

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Needless to say, when Mike decided to feed Freddy Farter himself, unsupervised, I felt instant panic!  Trying to mask the hysteria in my voice, I asked “why?!”  His reply was simply, “I know what I’m doing”.  A good wife would have shown faith in her husband’s ability to nurture her tiny tooter properly….. I am not a good wife.  I instantly began spouting out instruction and rushed in moments later to “fix the damage” that had been done (I waited as long as I could, people)!

Of course, Freddy was fine and survived another day to continue exuding his sour-smelling flatulance in the Maggiore household.

Turns out, Mikey is quite the baker and pleased us all with warm and fluffy homemade cinnamon buns.  I took a photo of the first batch, delicious but triangular.  The second batch was also delicious, but perfectly round.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take any additional pictures.  Either way, they rose beautifully and naturally with only wild yeast!  More importantly, they melted in my mouth!

Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls with Cinnamon Sugar Apple Slices and Boiled Egg

Next up, a loaf of bread.  Introducing the first loaf that has risen suitably since I started this process and it was sooooo yummy!  Spread a little butter on it or dip it in olive oil with Italian seasoning, one clove of fresh, pressed garlic, pink or gray salt, freshly ground pepper and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.  You won’t stop eating it!

Sourdough Loaf Proper Rising

If Freddy Farter could talk, I would likely consider his counsel.  I suppose my first question would be, “Why did you betray me?  Why couldn’t you rise abundantly for me?”.  I suspect Freddy’s answer would be to lay aside the weight of perfection.  Well said, stinker.

Gluten intolerant?  Read this and discover how real bread can still be a part of your diet!  My Sourdough Baby.  Discover more about sourdough here: How To Rock Sourdough, although I wouldn’t exactly say I rocked it.

If you decide you want to take on your own sourdough baby, and I strongly suggest you do, it will be a challenge with many rewards!  Mike and I have even begun a bit of a competition as to which step of the process has created essential rising.  I’d like to call it a  lover’s duel!





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  1. Freddy Farter???? That is an interesting name. But hey again one of your little monsters 🙃🙃
    Love ya can’t wait till your bext blog.😜😎🤗

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