Forgive the downtime.  The holidays have me out of sorts, but I vow to be more consistent and post weekly.  My goal will be to post on Wednesdays, so you guys know when to look for a new post.  We’ll call it Wiser Wednesday!

It’s no secret that the holidays go hand-in-hand with overeating.  Most of us overeat during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t usually stop after December.  Research shows people often continue to overindulge into the new year and beyond.  Sadly, most of that weight sticks around until the next year.

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Consuming more calories while expending less will inevitably result in weight gain.  I would like to offer to you that you CAN keep your weight in check during the holidays.  YES!!! You CAN!!

6 Tips To Ditch Fall 15 and Beyond

Planning is Valuable:  

Suad Kamardeen alt=”suad-kamardeen-754883-unsplash” width=”6000″ height=”4000″ />By simply planning ahead, you can set a limit for the number of appetizers you will eat.  If you’re gathering at a restaurant, preview the menu before leaving home; make a decision about what you want to order and don’t even look at the menu when you get there.

Don’t Show up Hungry:

alex-iby-491428-unsplashAlex Iby“>Drink a glass of water and eat a small handful of pistachios or almonds (try my current obsession, Diamond Sweet Thai Chili) before leaving home.

Deprivation is Not Your Friend:

Jordane Mathieualt=”jordane-mathieu-551189-unsplash” width=”3456″ height=”5184″ /> If you have a sweet tooth, allow yourself to have dessert.  You’re not being counterproductive.  If you feel deprived, you are more likely to binge later.  Just keep your portion reasonable or share with someone.

Keep your fridge and pantry stocked with healthy foods and snacks.

evieanna-santiago-589692-unsplashEvieanna Santiago/>Have low-fat or fat-free yogurt , reduced-fat string cheese, hummus, pre-chopped veggies for dipping, boiled eggs, low-fat cottage cheese and pre-chopped fruits on hand in the refrigerator.  Be sure and fill your pantry with nuts, seeds, pretzels, whole grain crackers and pita, individually packaged popcorn (try SmartPop), nut butters, whole grain cereals and natural fruit and nut bars (I like KIND bars).  Healthy snacking is an excellent way to keep hunger under wraps.  Portion your snack into a bowl; avoid vegging out in front of the television (unless you’re actually eating vegetables) with an entire bag or container of food.  Even nutritious calories add up.

Get Moving!

shaojie-1161520-unsplashIf you don’t exercise regularly, it’s a perfect time to start!  Take a walk with friends and family after a big meal.  What a great opportunity to get away from the dishes and spend some quality time with loved ones and burn some of those extra calories.  You’ll be amazed at how mentally and emotionally refreshed you feel!

Don’t stand anywhere near the buffet table!

neonbrand-263906-unsplash The simple act of crossing the room to pile more food onto your plate will likely make you feel like you are in slow-mo, lunging for the food table while all eyes have suddenly diverted to your wobbly bits as you reach for another crab cake and brownie.  Simple.  Solution.

Alright people, let us do our best.  Most importantly, be proud of your best even if you did dodge back to the hors d’oeuvre table.

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  1. I like the tip to not stay near the food table!!
    That should help alot, easier to say no if there’s nothing in front of you to say yes to!!

    1. I agree, Jessica! If it’s in front of me, eventually I will cave, even when it’s not something that wouldn’t normally tempt me!! Thank you for reading and I love when you comment!

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