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I must apologize to my avid followers for my hiatus.  I was busy having a baby.  Beautiful, wonderful, baby boy.  If you don’t hold your breath awaiting a new post or bite your nails as you read my blog, anticipating a revolution of nutrition knowledge, what is WRONG WITH YOU?!  At least I know what I’m writing about.  My posts are dependable, reliable, reputable and a good resource for all!!!!

Any who, the answer is….

FAD!  Yep, it’s true.  The FDA has never approved the use of hormones in poultry so, you don’t have to worry about that chicken sandwich causing cancer or early puberty in your child.  Not the case with beef.  Beef cattle and sheep often receive a pellet of hormones behind their ears, which increase their growth rate. The FDA says based on the research provided to them, it is safe (I must admit, I’m a skeptic).  Dairy cows receive the hormone bovine somatotropin to increase milk production. There is no proof that this is harmful but, there aren’t enough studies available YET.  I understand it’s all about the biz, but I just want my food left alone!  I wish I could have my own farm.

For all my friends in Europe, lucky you!  The European Union banned all use of hormones in the meat you eat so unless you just have a big heart for us over here in the states, you don’t have to concern yourself with such things….

Unfortunately, my pocket book won’t be receiving a much needed break, as although not treated with hormones, most chickens are given antibiotic therapy.  Producers of antibiotic free chicken and eggs still treat sick animals with needed antibiotics, but they are pulled from the groups sold to consumers.  Antibiotic resistance is the common concern so, for me I think I’ll just try to buy the “green” chicken when I can and make meatless meals several days a week.

Anyway, I’m a pretty big fan of vegetarian eating because it is a really healthy way to eat.  I use to analyze menus for mental health facilities and the vegetarian menus always met total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium goals with no tweaking.  But, I will reserve my vegetarian soap box for another post.  I do feel certain that if I did have my own farm, the cows, chickens and pigs would be my friends and would be used for milk and eggs only.

If you choose the vegetarian route, just be sure to include lots of beans, peas (english peas and green beans don’t count), nuts, seeds, peanut butter as well as hormone and antibiotic free milk, cheese and yogurt, if you please.

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