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A Registered Dietitian’s Low-carb Weight Loss Journey

Inside every 40 year old body is a 20 year old wondering what happened

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A Registered Dietitian’s low-carb weight loss journey. I’m hoping that if I lose weight, my background knowledge will help me keep it off sans the low-carb diet. As a Registered Dietitian, I know the pitfalls of the low-carb diet. As a 42-year-old woman post-childbirth, weighing more than I ever have before, my education is sort of getting a back seat. Most people, including myself, can not maintain a low-carbohydrate diet forever. It’s hard on your vital organs. Attempts to abandon the diet will result in rapid weight gain as your metabolism tries to prepare itself for “starvation” in the future. I prefer a vegetarian diet, but eat meat occasionally. I preach on plant-based diets because they literally reverse heart disease along with so many additional health benefits. On the contrary, I really, really want to lose 23 pounds and I want to lose it fast.

I need to eat a skinny person

All of my friends over 40 have said that weight control after 40 is a constant and ongoing battle. Before now, the only weight problem I’ve EVER had was being “too thin” in jr. high and high school. Leading up to the last 3 years, I literally have eaten whatever I wanted. Since I began my education and training in 1997, my diet is very healthy (occasional cheats within reason). of eating biscuits, double cheeseburgers, croissants, and cheesy tater tots. Yep! After college and well into young adulthood however, if I put on a few pounds and wanted to fit into a 00 dress for a party, I simply ran a little longer, a bit more often, and sort of watched what I ate. That glorious capability came to a breakneck halt at age 40.

Most days of the week, I run 5-6 miles sometimes a little less and sometimes more, and have since at least age 25. Somewhat inconsistently, I do extra stuff with weights, squats, crunches, HIIT training, circuit training, etc. Despite all of this, I have continued to slowly gain and can’t seem to lose any of it!

I’m a carb-y girl in a Barbie world

I love legumes, fruit, starches, and my favorite veggies are all the ones that count as a carb, like butternut squash, acorn squash, Delicata, potatoes, and sweet potatoes. Of course, I love bread and pasta because, I mean who doesn’t? And wine… I love wine.

This won’t be easy. Maybe if you just really like meat, but that’s not me. A burger without the bun? Dip without the chip?! Good Lord!

Prepare yourselves for a Registered Dietitian’s low-carb weight loss journey (assuming I make it). The low-carb diet goes against my education and knowledge of healthy eating, dieting, and what works and what doesn’t. Can I do this in a healthy way, lose weight, not be miserable, and go back to healthy carbs without blowing up like a blimp? Comments appreciated!

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If I Eat a Skinny Person Will I Be a Skinny Person?

If I Eat a Skinny Person Will I Be a Skinny Person?

If I Eat a Skinny Person Will I Be a Skinny Person?

pub-4561044891259873, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0


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