Okay, guys! It’s finally here! Maybe you haven’t been excited but, I have been itching to present another challenge that I feel certain will change your life…well, at least your waistline if you stick with it!

Remember, 7 days is all you have to commit to!  You can choose to continue the Eat Something Green Everyday challenge and add on the next goal or you can drop the previous week’s goal and focus entirely on the new objective.  So, here it is:

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The One Thing Challenge, Week 2!!!

Eat your meals on a salad plate.

That’s right folks, a salad plate!  Leave the European dinner plates in the cabinet this week. Paper plate, kid’s plate or fine China salad plate, I don’t care.

The focus is on portion size.  If you frequently eat at restaurants for lunch or dinner, ask the waiter to place half your order in a to-go box before serving your meal.  When your meal arrives, your to-go plate is already ready to go!

If you are a drive-through kinda guy or gal, simply do not double, biggie-size, super-size, combo, Venti, Hugo, Double Gulp, jumbo or king your order.

Simple, easy, you can totally do it.  GO!

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    1. Well done! It’s hard to be intentional about what you eat every day! Thank you for commenting!

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