Just a Word, 2020

Wow, 2020! You really threw us a curve ball eh? Think about it. You didn’t just host a few unfortunate events or make a few positive changes. No, that wasn’t good enough for you, 2020. You knocked the entire world on their booties. The entire world. We’re still not out of the water with the worldwide pandemic and who knows if we ever will be. For a more detailed recap of all the devastation you’ve caused, click here for a meme that was upvoted like 6,000 times. This year has been most eye opening and humbling. Some really good and some really bad, I’m happy to say, asta lasagna, 2020. Don’t get none on ya… What’s new 2021?!

Since I’m not really into writing about politics…

Clearly, my blog post is not ever going to be focused on political or controversial issues, unless you feel very strongly that using lean beef is a barbarity of injustice to a burger, that is. If it has anything to do with food, cooking, or eating, it’s my jam. So, let’s take a look at what chefs and dietitians think we may look forward to in the coming year.

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2021 Trends According to Top Chefs

Food & Wine interviewed top chefs to find out what they think 2021 will bring and here’s what they said:

Cooking with condiments

I am currently obsessed with Jaime Oliver’s 5 Ingredients Quick & Easy Food and it has nothing to do with the fact that he’s British…well, maybe a little. Since I have binge watched every episode at least 5 times, I have purchased miso paste, chili jam, harissa, teriyaki, and made my own Dukkah. I doubt I will stop there. Condiments are such an easy way to get a ton of flavor into a dish with little effort and fewer dishes to wash.

Increase in meal kit memberships

My husband and I are still big fans of Green Chef meal kits. Organic, unique, and healthy meals that require little thought. Zero waste is an obvious bonus as you receive exactly what you need. Since restauranteurs are on the line to find innovative ways to keep their businesses successful, many are expanding to offer meal kits designed by local chefs.

What's New 2021?!

Tasting menus

Yes, please! I am enamored by this idea! The thought is that dining out will be less of the standard and more of a special occasion. My only concern is the hefty price tag that will likely accompany the experience.

Heritage cooking

My best food memories include when my South Korean American friend, Yejung, made a traditional Korean meal and the cottage pies, roast dinners, and Yorkshire puddings made by my friend Emma, from Suffolk. The sausages and beer from Poland shared with my friend, Magdalena will never be forgotten and the introduction of Ethiopian food by my friend, Sokore. I was delighted to try boudin for the first time with my friend Lauren, from New Orleans. Okay, she’s really from Lafayette, but New Orleans sounds more Emeril Lagassee right? All I got out of my Hungarian boyfriend was broiled fish and Goji berries, but he was a die hard fitness instructor so I guess that was to be expected. My husband’s grandparents were immigrants from Sicily. Every Christmas, hubs makes a variety of melt-in-your-mouth cookies from his grandmother’s hand-written recipes.

Click here to read about foods we can thank diversity for.

More vegan and vegetarian options

Mushroom jerky, for example. I have recently decided that I would like to become a mushroom connoisseur. I haven’t actually done anything about it yet, but it’s a new year, people!

New alternative sweeteners. Read my previous post about why we probably need healthier alternatives to sugar by clicking here: The Science Behind Sugar Addiction. Monkfruit anyone?

What's New 2021?!

What Dietitians Think About 2021

Out: Wheat Belly. I’ll be honest; I don’t even know what this is. I assume it’s part of the gluten-free fad.

In: Intermittent Fasting. This may work, but not likely to the extent that one would hope.

Out: Traditional 3 meals a day

In: Foods that promote comfort and well-being. Does that include fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, and biscuits with lots of butter and jelly? I sincerely hope so. I’m still trying to unremember how delicious that Nashville hot chicken sandwich from Grayton Beer Brewpub was.

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  1. Great post. And thank you for not getting in to politics. I’ve been appalled at the food bloggers have mentioned on FB and on their blogs about politics – of course our last president – and these people aren’t even American citizens. Makes me mad, no matter who they’re insulting. Anyway, truly great information

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