So frustrating to throw out 1/2 an avocado in the trash.  There is a solution!  If you’re good, you’ll toss it into the compost!  Leftover avocado looks disgusting.  Indeed, no one wants an avocado when its bright green flesh becomes brown, rotten, and veiny.

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Take heart, my avocado-everything friends!  Buck up because there is a solution!  However, the “secret” of storing cut avocado with the pit intact is a total bust.  Covering with the peels before storage is an epic fail.  Dousing with lime juice wrecks the flavor and texture you love.  

Many say the solution is that which keeps you alive…good ole’ H2O.  That’s right amigos!  Water!

Holding Cut Avocado

Avocado is dense and fatty.  Oil and water don’t mix.  When submerged, water acts as an impervious seal.  The claim for this method is that it preserves about 2 days.  Taco Tuesday guac, Thursday Avocado frittata.  But does it work?  The science makes sense…Unfortunately, I’m not sure.  Some people say it doesn’t.  

Many say wrapping it tightly in plastic is the trick.  Others say storing it in a bowl with a cut onion is the ticket.  It may depend on storage temperature, household thermostat setting, humidity, or exposure to stainless steel.  One thing is certain.  Oxygen exposure creates browning, as with apples (that’s science).  Considering this, I’m curious about vacuum packing.  Certainly, most foods will last much longer once opened.  Let me see if I can talk Mikey into it!


One thing is certain; it is safe to eat oxidized, brown avocado.  But,…do you want to?


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