We go through a lot of food in my house and spend a pretty penny on it too, so when I toss large containers of left-overs or loaves of moldy bread into the garbage bin, I cringe.  I use to chuck milk the night before the expiration date without a second thought; these days I confess to giving the jug a good solid whiff before making the decision of whether or not to give it one more day.  From time to time I ask Michael what he thinks and his answer most often is, “nothing can grow in that”.  It has become a bit of a joke….I think.

I’ll never, ever forget the time I made homemade biscuits with rancid oil.  I was still a young cook, wet behind the ears and calling my Mom every time I wanted to boil and egg.  I should have recognized the smell immediately, but instead made it through the whole process, eating an entire biscuit wondering why they were so yellow and tasted so strange before it finally clicked.  I swear to you I can still taste it nearly 15 years later.  It was an experience that molded me into a expiration-date-reading fanatic.

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I’m sharing the article below to provide a little insight into a few items you may find questionable in your fridge or pantry.

Natalie Jacewicz wrote . . . . . . Like politics and music, the question of whether to eat moldy food can divide families, with relatives’ admonishments reverberating in one’s head for years. “Every time I throw out moldy bread, I can still hear my dad lecturing me: ‘That’s perfectly good! Just cut that part […]

via Is It Safe To Eat Moldy Bread? — Cooking with Kathy Man

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