1.  I eat my kids leftovers when the order includes mini corn dogs, mac & cheese, french fries or a cheeseburger; I secretly hope they won’t eat the last two bites.                               This brings me to confession #2…

2. Sometimes I feed my kids mini corn dogs, mac & cheese, french fries and cheeseburgers.

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3.  My favorite lunch is a turkey sandwich with mayonnaise on sticky white bread and Lays plain potato chips, smashed inside (trying this it home would not be recommended by a dietitian).

4.  I’m pretty sure if you fried a dirty diaper and/or dipped it in homemade ranch dressing, I would eat it… and like it.

5.  I put more butter and salt in my mashed potatoes than would make sense to anyone, especially a dietitian.

6.  I let my kid eat dessert before lunch if he promises to eat his lunch.  Most of the time he does, sometimes…he doesn’t.

7.  I always go back for seconds.

8.  I’d rather eat a bug than make 3 meals in one day and clean up after each meal. I take that back, actually; I’d rather chew glass.

9.  I love pizza Rolls, tater tots and Kraft Singles, or “wobbly cheese” as my 3 year old calls it.  It’s a processed “cheese” food!  WHY IS IT SO GOOD?!

10.  I eat candy from the kid’s bucket whom I know won’t think to count their pieces.  Why do you think we buy the good candy for Easter and Halloween? Duuuuh…

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