I can’t wait to read the new book I received as a Christmas gift from Michael. My FIL, an avid reader who devours a book a day, skimmed through it and commented with an air of disdain that it was just a cookbook.

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“Great!” was my response. “It will be good for my blog”! As I pause to have my handy iPhone pronounce the French phrases for me, I should have no problem whatsoever finishing this book by the end of the year!

I briefly “gave up” on reading due to the fact that in the rare circumstance I am able to sit down and read, interruptions, i.e oven timers, barking dog, non-stop needs for attention of various sorts and Spider-Man-wannabe threatening to bring down 10 feet of pantry shelves, cause me to huff and puff. Apparently, huffing and puffing bothers my family members so, I try to keep my huffs at bay. Hopefully, my inability to control my puffs will go unnoticed when unaccompanied.

I am confident that the French cuisine featured in this book will be devoid of offal [Alabamian pronunciation= awe’-ful (heart and lungs)], suckling lambs, ox cheek or testes that I found in “The Food of Love” book I just finished, but I can’t be sure.

I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, I am making my second attempt at Rosemary bread which I will share when I have succeeded at making an edible product.

P.S. you may avoid epic failure, a reward-free messy kitchen and 3 hours of wasted life if you check the expiration date on your baking powder. Duh!

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