If you do not already know, I live in Panama City Beach, FL.  If you don’t keep up with the news or weather, a Cat 4 (3mph < Cat 5) just hit my city.  My kids and I evacuated and my poor hubby had to stay behind for work.  I am only able to see the damage from photos on Facebook and news channels.  Thank God, my home has been spared, but many, many other’s have not.  I am praying for all in need!

It will be easy for me to maintain this week’s challenge; I am grateful for my blessings and abundance.  I am at my parent’s home, waiting for the okay to return to be with Michael (not Michael the hurricane, Michael my husband) and assess the damage.

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I am in Alabama.  Have you ever been to Alabama?  I took my daughter, Macy, to Walmart today.  As we approached the entrance, there were two women, loudly, shouting back and forth in an unintelligible manner.  They were actually talking at the same time, most certainly unable to comprehend the other’s contribution and I warned Macy, “People talk funny here, but are always wonderfully kind.  They expect you to be nice back”.  You wave at drivers going the opposite direction, unless there is entirely too much traffic you can’t keep up.  You also say, “Excuse me! I’m sorry!” even if it wasn’t your fault.  You will encounter, “Hey, how you?” from a complete stranger you pass at the supermarket.  The expectation is that you say, “Fine, how you?”  People either talk super fast or super slooow.  Expect “sweetie”, “hun”, “darlin” and “sons-a B—-!”

I’ve been so engrossed in watching the damage to my city that I haven’t exercised much at all.  Well, at all.  I don’t know about you, but when I am at my Mama’s, I eat chicken spaghetti, turkey sandwiches with lots of mayonnaise, and my Dad has the largest stock of potato chips you’ve ever seen!  Mini Snickers bars and peanut M&Ms are in the pantry and glass dishes on the counter.  If you sit up late, chips and dip come out in jars of peanuts. I neeeeeed to run!

However, I will not be skipping breakfast!!  Pancakes and mandarine oranges today, miniature bagel sandwiches tomorrow.

How are you guys doing?  My husband almost always skips breakfast.  If you’re reading this, honey, have you been eating breakfast?  I haven’t seen him outside of FaceTime since Monday morning.

I have grown accustomed to a life of non-southern strangers, ignoring my presence as though we are on a NYC subway train.  I didn’t even say “Roll Tide” once!  I bet all of the BAMA locals at the super Target today thought I was RUDE! 


Hey super-awesome-go-getters!!!

Carnation Instant Breakfast, a bowl of dry cereal eaten on your commute or a dry bagel on the fly will do!


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