It’s looking like I picked the worst vacation to challenge myself to eat healthy.  Mike loves to travel and always does all the research before we reach our destination so, he usually has ideas about where he wants to eat according to a particular place with a signature dish or dining style, for example bistros or food trucks or buffets.  If you go to New Orleans, you drink chicory coffee and eat beignets at Cafe Du Monde.  If you go to Philadelphia, you eat a cheesesteak… Pennsylvania is known for their Dutch family-style dining and for their smorgasbord buffets.  The menu choices at these places don’t necessarily appeal to me but, I don’t argue because I think it’s important to get the whole experience.  Last night, we went to a traditional Dutch family-style restaurant.

It’s a casual place which is best for meals with the monsters.  The only thing low-fat was the tiny bowl of pickled vegetables and chow-chow being passed around.  There was also a flavorless platter of steamed mixed vegetables.  Other than that, everything was loaded with butter or heavy sauces along with endless plates of fried chicken.

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You can pull the skin off the chicken, but you can’t take the butter out of the corn or potatoes.  And then there were endless desserts.  Cheesecakes, Shoo pies, cracker pudding and ice cream.

Oh well, another failed attempt at maintaining my weight while on holiday.

They had a cute little petting zoo outside of the restaurant and I just had to include a photo of this guy!

Today won’t be better as far as healthy options are concerned, I feel quite sure. We are in for a full day at Hershey Park.

I’ve been to a few amusement parks and the food choices are never healthy.  I suppose I will need to run a marathon when I get back home.

Snack number one: a big soft pretzel. I had Avery and Andrew split it between the two of them.  I wanted one but, decided I should eat any leftovers.  Sadly, there were none.  Ha!

If you’re starting to feel like a dietitian’s world revolves around food, you’re right!

Lunch was pretty bad, as expected.  I did find a healthier option with tofu, quinoa and vegetables.  Did it taste good?  Ehhh… Part of me wants to throw my hands in the air and eat a Nathan’s hotdog.

We had a sit-down dinner at the park before attending our chocolate tour and tasting.  I had a chickpea burger.  It was a bit bland but, okay.

We’re doing some Amish country tomorrow.  Not sure what meals will be in store for me, but I do know it won’t be amusement park vittles.

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  1. Yum! I could not have resisted the warm pretzel! Enjoy! You can eat kale salad when you get back home.

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