1.  Eat more fruits and vegetables

2.  Make exercise a priority

Don’t be fooled by weight loss gimmicks! Stop over-eating one food group and eliminating another!  Don’t waste money on non-FDA approved supplements or silly powders!!

Do these 2 things for 2 months and see what happens!!  At the bottom of my page, you will find a countdown 2 months from today.  Countdown STARTS NOW!!!

Like this post if you plan to participate in this challenge!!  Share this post with your friends and family!  The more people you have in your life who agree to participate in this challenge, the more accountability you will have and the more likely you will be to conquer and succeed!

*suggestions for success:

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  • fill half your plate with vegetables (can be salad with a light dressing, raw or cooked vegetables)
  • add beans to quesidillas, tacos, soups or as a side.  Make *cowboy caviar and take with a packed lunch for work.
  • try vegetarian meals when eating out or choose 4 veggies at the meat and three.
  • add sliced tomatoes and romaine lettuce or dark green leafy lettuce to a sandwich
  • take easy to peel Clementines on the go
  • pre-wash a large bowl of red grapes and leave in the fridge for easy access when snacking
  • serve petite carrots as a side dish
  • eat your veggies first, then your meat and starch (bread, cereal, rice, pasta or grain)
  • make a goal to eat 5 fruit/vegetable servings a day
  • drink a smoothie with kale or spinach and frozen fruits and low-fat yogurt
  • bananas are a perfect on-the-go food
  • add diced carrots to tomato sauce
  • buy and cook steam-in-the-bag vegetables and sprinkle lightly season with seasoning salt or a greek or creole seasoning
  • try cauliflower rice (you can buy this in the frozen section at your grocery)
  • dried soybeans, peas and *chickpeas make great snacks!
  • buy individual fruit containers in 100% juice
  • mix salsa and canned beans or peas with rinsed, canned corn for snacks or a side dish
  • park at the end of the parking lot instead of fighting for the closest spot
  • take the stairs instead of the elavator
  • go for a walk after dinner
  • get up 30-40 minutes early and take a brisk walk while listening to a motivational or christian podcast or an online book
  • use Amazon, smart tv or youtube to play and follow a yoga video
  • take a yoga class with a friend
  • join a gym
  • ride your bike
  • tread water in the pool while your kids swim



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