There are SO many diets out there and people buy in left and right, but most of these diet schemes are trying to get you to buy some useless product they are selling.  And if they DO work, they only work temporarily.  There is however, one weight loss plan that works for absolutely everyone.

I’m here to give you the answer to all of your dieting woes.

The answer is easy, but I will tell you that getting there is not.  You will have to work hard.  You will have to make better food choices, cheat less, and exercise more.  But, guess what?  It WILL work and you CAN do it!  You are strong and you are able and you need to tell yourself every day (100 times a day!) that you are just that!  Strong and Able! So, here it is.  The truth that everyone keeps hiding, behind foods to avoid, foods to eat, and crazy diet plans that make no logical sense but we are still willing to try because we are desperate.

Calories out must be greater than calories in.  One Plan That Works.  For Everyone.

The End.

There are so many great apps you can use to count calories in and calories out. Check out a few and see which one you like best.  Most of them calculate your calorie needs for weight loss based on your height and weight.  Most of the popular calorie counting apps feature a barcode scanner which makes counting food you eat from packaged items super easy.  Some apps allow you to share success stories, tips, and recipes with others.  Self-monitoring and accountability may provide greater success with weight loss as well as the ability to keep the weight off. Other weight and diet related posts you may enjoy How To End Your Love Hate Relationship with Food, The Struggle is Real, How To Keto    


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