So frustrating to throw 1/2 a leftover avocado in the trash.  If you’re a good girl, or boy, you’ll toss it into the compost.  Leftover avocado ALWAYS looks disgusting.  I’m sorry avocados, but no one wants to eat a has-been avocado whose once bright green flesh has become a deep brown, rotten and veiny looking misfortune. Take heart, my guac and avocado-everything friends!  There is a solution!  The “secret” of storing cut avocado with the pit intact is a total bust.  Re-covering with the peels is an epic fail.  Dousing with lime juice wrecks the beloved flavor you so richly deserve.  Even plastic wrap falls short. So what is the tried and true?  The same solution that keeps you alive…good ole’ H2O.  That’s right amigos!  Water! Holding Cut Avocado How does this work, you ask? Avocado is dense and fatty.  We all know that oil and water don’t mix.  When submerged, the water acts as an impervious seal.  This method of preservation works for about 2 days, so Taco Tuesday guac, and Thursday Avocado frittata. If you’re wondering if it’s safe to eat oxidized, brown avocado, the answer is yes.  Really though…do you want to?  


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