Here’s a review of all the challenges we have taken on and hopefully conquered; slip-ups do not discredit your success!!  I’m convinced that you feel better, look better, possibly sleep better and uh ehm….poop better. I have been enthusiastic that all of you have continued some or many of the challenges as you’ve moved forward to a healthier you! In case you told yourself you’re not ready, it’s too difficult, or you haven’t the time, the following is a compilation of each challenge.  That’s 6 weeks worth of challenges that you can accomplish ONE seven day period at a time.  Whenever you’re ready… Week 1:  Eat Something Green Every Day Week 2:  Eat Your Meals on a Salad Plate Week 3:  Don’t Skip Breakfast Week 4:  Drink 8 glasses of water every day Week 5:  Fill half your plate with vegetables Week 6:  Eat at least 2 servings of fresh fruit daily For help with weeks 1 and 5, click here: VEGGIES!  I’ve provided links to many vegetable recipes and vegetarian meals.

Thanks for reading my post! I would love to have your feedback, suggestions or answer any questions you have! Please leave your comments!!

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