Going on Holiday

I’m not British but, sometimes I like to pretend like I am, so I call vacation “holiday”, my favorite adjective is “bloody” and instead of “dig in” I say, “tuck in”. img_7696-1.jpg The family and I are heading to Pennsylvania.  I told myself I was going to eat as healthy as possible on this trip, as normally I get back home feeling disgusted with myself for all the fatty food intake and lack of fruits and vegetables.  Usually, I also take a break from running and that doesn’t help either. Unfortunately, my first meal was a completely horrendous turkey sandwich with liquid, processed “cheese” food at the airport.  I was ordering for six, so I didn’t read the description.  If I had, I certainly would have asked them to hold the canned stuff they call cheese.  Gross.  My choices were either this place, the bar next to it or a pre-made sandwich in a cooler.  I should have gone for the cooler.  Ah well, holidays aren’t for beating yourself up about things.  Maybe I will make a better choice for my evening fare.

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