So, Here’s What I’ve Been Up To…

My two step daughters are turning 7 and 9 on Wednesday.  Believe it or not, their birthdays are on the exact same day. We decided to have a birthday party for them a week early since they are scheduled to be at their Mom’s on Wednesday. I was hoping for something simple but, as any of my readers who have kids (especially girls) know, nothing is ever simple.  What began as a baking party turned into a party with a variety of stations including a slime-making station, a tattoo station and nail art station.
A toddler with food coloring. Yikes!
Necklace tattoos
I spent my week planning this party and I can’t tell you how much thought I put into how to keep the mess to a minimum. It was a success (the party, not the mess part). The kids had fun and ate their weight in cupcakes, sprinkles and 3 ingredient Nutella cookies! Whew! Glad that’s over! The good thing is, I got a two for one!!

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